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How to get certified by RPG Therapeutics LLC

by Hawke Robinson published Jan 29, 2018 09:30 PM, last modified Feb 01, 2018 05:09 AM
Here is information on several paths you can take toward RPG Certification. This will be of interest to laypersons wishing to become paid, professioal RPGers, as well as existing professionals in education and care industries wishing to add RPGs to their propgrams.

There are typically 4 groups of people interested in our training and rpg professional certification programs, these are each considered different pathways:

1. RPG Professional Therapeutic Pathway: Professional health care workers wishing to incorpoate RPGs into their propgrams, including: recreation t, herapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and other types of therapists, nurses, and many others.

2. RPG Professional Educational Pathway: Professional educators wishing to incorporate RPGs into their educational programs.

3. RPG Professional Entertainment Pathway: Laypersons wishing to become paid RPG professionals.

4. Non-professional Self-improvement Pathway: Others just wishing for some education about RPGs, and possibly to just become a better role-playing gamer or game master.

RPG Therapeutics RPG Professional Training Pathways Diagram 1.0


For groups 1 through 3, we offer certification paths of various levels depending on your goals. For group 4, you may take any of our courses as you wish, for the topics you wish to cover, and you will not incur the testing and certification fees associated with the formal certifications. For those not wishing to acquire certification, simply swing by our online education platform at and enroll in available courses that fit your interest.

All paths are listed as minimum requirements. Everyone is welcome to take additional courses outside of the minimum requirements for certification. Each path has multiple levels of certification.




RPG Professional Entertainment Pathway to Certification

 For those not currently educational or care professionals, or from other fields, and you wish to become a paid RPG professional more in the general entertainment/receration arenas, this is the path for you.



Non-professional RPG Self-improvement Pathway for Training

For those that just want to improve their understanding of role-playing games and gaming, and are not currently interested in taking a formal pathway toward certification, this approach is for you. You can take a more a la carte approach, enrolling and taking any of the courses you wish. While there are in-course quizzes and tests, you will not have the final exams for these courses. Final exams are generally a separate fee, above and beyond the course fees, so you could save a significant amount of money by taking these training courses without the certification. If you later decide you want to acquire certifications, and your enrollment is still valid (enrollments are typically 6+ months), then you can go ahead and take the tests necessary for certification by taking the final exams for the relevant courses at a later date by paying the exam fee(s).

This pathway is idela for those that:

  • Just wish to learn about role-playing games.
  • Wish to improve existing RPG skills and knowledge.
  • Not looking to integrate RPGs into their professional life.


Course Enrollment & Availability

For most of the introductory, non-workshop courses, once a class is listed as available for enrollment, and the course begins, you can join that course at any time. For example, if a course was available January 1st, 2018, you can still enroll June 5th, 2018. These courses are self-paced, so there isn't a firm termination date. You typically have 6+ months to complete the course before your enrollment expires.


Certification Duration & Renewal

Certifications are valid for 5 years from completion. Annual Continuing Education Units (CEU) may be used to maintain certifications.

Certification validity can be verified at (service pending)


RPG Professional Educational Pathway to Certification

 For those wishing to incorporate role-playing games into their edalucational progr.ams, whether in a formal academic setting, or in other settings, this is the path educators will want to take toward certiication




RPG Professional Therapeutic Pathway to Certification

 For those in the care industries wishing to work toward Professional RPG Certification, this would be the path to consider. This pathway has the most requirements of all the pathways due to the important and complex nature of this pathway.

 RPG Certification Pathways Diagram 20180131e


Narrative of a typical training program for this pathway...


 Example Course Flowchart:

Example Therapeutic RPG Training Tree