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Employment Opportunities

by admin published Jul 07, 2015 01:05 AM, last modified Jan 31, 2017 07:04 PM
RPG Therapeutics LLC (and The RPG Research Project) employment opportunities can be find here.

RPG Therapeutics is in the early stages of pre-screening and screening potential employee candidates for various positions. These positions will initially be offered as sub-contractor and part time positions. Full time positions may become available later. These positions will be unpaid internships/trainees/volunteers initially. It is hoped that paid positions will become available in the latter half of 2018. Paid staff will include part and full time contractors, and part and full time employees.

For now volunteer and intern positions will be listed here. Volunteers and interns will be considered first for filling the roles of paid positions as they become available. If the title provide a link to more details, then the position may be available. If no link is available, then the position is probably not currently open.

Positions Available

Session Observer - This role includes observing live and recorded sessions via one-way mirror and/or audio & video and taking notes on the behaviors and interactions of the players and the GMT. Both paid and unpaid opportunities available.

Observation Therapist - This role includes observation of live and recorded sessions via a one-way mirror and/or audio & video, taking notes on the behaviors and interactions of the players and GMT. Applicant requires an existing background in relevant therapeutic field (Therapeutic Recreation / Recreation Therapy / CTRS), social work, psychology, counseling, etc. A paid position.

Pre-screen GMT (Game Master Therapist pre-screening applicant) - The first stage to be considered for Game Master Therapist (GMT) positions, is to participate in sessions as a player in schedule pre-screening sessions. An unpaid position.

Screening GMT (Game Master Therapist screening applicant) - The second stage toward becoming a CGMT (Certified Game Master Therapist), applicant has passed the pre-screening stage, and will now be provided short 1-2 non-intervention sessions to run as GM with volunteer players while being observed by CGMTs. May require more than 1 session. An unpaid position.

GMT Intern (Game Master Therapist Intern) - The third step toward the CGMT path. Applicant has passed pre-screening and screening stages, and will now assist a JGMT, CGMT, or SCGMT in preparing, implementing, observing, and refining screening and intervention sessions. An unpaid position.

Junior GMT (Game Master Therapist Trainee) - The fourth step toward CGMT path. Applicant has passed pre-screening, screening, and Intern stages, and now is accepted as a Junior GMT in training (JGMT). Activities are similar to GMT Inter, but with greater levels of responsibility. A paid position. Usually on a contracted or part time basis. Usually paid hourly or flat rate per session. Beginning rate $15.00 per hour.

CGMT (Certified Game Master Therapist) - After completing the certification process for a CGMT, the applicant is now a fully certified staff member. CGMT will design, implement, evaluate, and revise both screening and especially intervention programs for paying clients. A paid position. Usually on a contracted and/or part time basis. Usually paid hourly or flat rate per session. Beginning rate $30.00 per hour.

SCGMT & Trainer (Senior Certified Game Master Therapist Trainer) - A Certified Game Master Therapist with a minimum of 5 years experience, may certify and apply for the position of SCGMT. This position fulfills the roles of CGMT, plus screens and trains potential CGMT candidates, providing mentoring to interns and trainees, and administrating certification tests. Usually negotiated salaried position. If contracted/hourly part time rate, beginning rate $50.00 per hour.