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Certification Example Questions (Entry-level)

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 26, 2017 10:30 PM, last modified Jun 27, 2017 11:00 AM
Here are some examples of the certification questions you must know the answers in order to pass the certification exams. Those that join as volunteer trainees, will learn the answers to these and many other questions.

 Below are some of the example certification questions from the entry-level Tier 1 certifications, for example RPG Advocate I, RPG Facilitator I, Game Master I, etc. This is from a pool of thousands of questions covering the many different certifications available for these positions:


1 RPG Formats


Actual RPGs (not hybrids) are available in what formats? (select all that apply) (4):

a. Board game

e. Adventure/solo books/modules

b. Collectible/trading card games

f. Live-action

c. Tabletop

g. Computer

d. Stage theater



2 Worldhood


In the PBS Idea Channel video shown in the presentation, and the subsequent discussion of philosophical ideas that map well to RPGs, which philosopher was discussed regarding the concepts of “at handedness” of things and “worldhood”. (1 point):

a. Schopenhauer

d. Einstein

b. Descartes

e. Socrates

c. Heidegger

f. Aristotle


3 Neuroplasticity

What RPG formats may be useful to help people recover from brain injuries (stroke, aneurism, TBI, etc.), by encouraging “neurplasticity” related biological functions? (Choose single best answer)

(1 point):

a. None





f. All 4 RPG formats


4 Considerations

What are some important considerations regarding RPG participants? (select all that apply) (5):

a. Age and generational cohort factors

b. Various countries, cultures, ethnicities, and belief systems.

c. Gender

d. Levels of development, functioning, and disabilities

e. Matching existing leisure interests

e. Favorite color


5 First RPG Publication Date

When was the first RPG officially published? (1):

a. 1913

d. 1968

b. 1974

e. 1812

c. 1984

f. 1945


6 - RPG evolution

Role-playing games evolved from (select all that apply) (2):

a. Boardgames like Monopoly, Chess, and The Game of Life

e. Tetris

b. Boardgame wargames

f. The War Cardgame

c. Poker

g. Miniature wargames

d. Checkers

h. Computer games


7 - Wargame

What was the name of the first book on war games that was published for the general public and used miniatures? Who was the author? When was it published? (select 1 title, 1 author, & 1 date) (3):

a. Wargames for Everyone

g. R.A. Salvatore

m. 1921

b. Giant Wars

h. H.G. Wells

n. 1898

c. Stratego

i. Monic Burhs

o. 1913

d. Little Wars

j. Gary Gygax & Jeff Peren

p. 1974

e. Kriegsspiel (Game of War)

k. Georg Leopold von Reiswitz

q. 1812

f. Chainmail

l. Tom Clancy

r. 1971


8 - Fantasy Wargame

What was the first published wargame to offer optional rules for magic and fantastical creatures? What year was it first published? And who was one of the authors that was also a co-creator of D&D? (circle 1 title, 1 author, & 1 date) (3):

a. Wargames for Everyone

g. R.A. Salvatore

m. 1921

b. Giant Wars

h. H.G. Wells

n. 1898

c. Stratego

i. Monic Burhs

o. 1913

d. Little Wars

j. Gary Gygax & Jeff Peren

p. 1974

e. Kriegsspiel (Game of War)

k. Georg Leopold von Reiswitz

q. 1812

f. Chainmail

l. Tom Clancy

r. 1971


9 - Sci-fi & Fantasy authors

Who were some famous science fiction and fantasy authors that had their works directly included in the first RPG? (circle all that apply) (5):

a. J.K. Rowling

f. Edgar Allen Poe

b. Edgar Rice Burroughs

g. H.G. Wells

c. H.P. Lovecraft

h. Jules Verne

d. J.R.R. Tolkien

i. George R.R. Martin

e. Terry Pratchett

j. R. A. Salvatore


10 - Video Game Consequences

Gosden’s 2014 study stated that “Children who play computer or video games for up to _____ ______ daily are the most _______, _______, and ______ ______, Oxford university finds”. (1):

a. 6 hours           f. energetic, creative, coordinated,          k. most active

b. 1 hour            g. sociable, happy,                                 l. least hyperactive

c. 30 minutes      h. interesting, clever,                            m.  most communicative

d. 3 hours            i. difficult, agitated,                                n. most hyperactive

e. 2 hours            j. anti-social, angry,                              o. over weight


11 - More Video Game Consequences

According to game designer and PhD in Performance Studies, Jane McGonigal, there are 2 forms of escapism: _______ and _________. The first is running away from unpleasant thoughts,, perceptions, and emotions, while the second is actively seeking new skills, stronger relationships, and positive experiences. She sums up the differences between these two as “Everything _____, so I’m going to go play games,” versus “Life is ______ when I have time to play games.” (1):

a. self-sufficiency            e. experience                           i. sucks                              m. bothersome

b. self-denial                    f. self-gratification                     j. improves                         n. terrible

c. self-suppression           g. self-expansion                     k. sucks                               o. better

d. self-will                        h. self-loathing                          l. challenges                        p.ignorable



12 - Violence and Video Games

According to the 2014 Cyberpsychology published study on the “Effects of ______ _______, Mapping Interface, and Character Identification on Aggressive Thoughts and Overall Game Experience After Playing a Violent Video Game”, the study found that those that scored ______ on this personality aspect to be more readily accessible to aggressive contracts, and those that scored ______ on this personality aspect reported a more ________ game experience.

Furthermore they found that character identification has _____________ effects on activating aggressive thoughts and mediating effects on overall game experience. (1):

a. Therapeutic Habituation               e. high, low               i. problematic                  m.  malevolent

b. Trait Hostility                               f. high, low               j.  positive                        n.  moderating.

c. Trait Habits                                 g.low, high                k. pervasive                     o. maddening

d. Trait Hostility                               h. low, high               l. problematic                  p.  magnifying


13 - TRPG Pros

TRPG pros (9):

a. Accessible to many populations

b. Physically active

c. Easy learning curve

d. Very social

e. Team vs. Team style team-work

f. Inexpensive

g. Truly cooperative game play

h. Ancillary activities like miniature painting, terrain building, etc.

i. Reusable

j. Flexible time commitment.

k. Well structured

l. Unlimited flexibility of choices


14 - TRPG Cons

TRPG cons (7):

a. Requires matching language abilities

b. Little to no character development

c. Requires sufficient social, communication, and cooperative problem solving skills

d. Requires sufficient reading skills

e. Not physically active

f. Difficult to find players/groups in rural areas

g. Rigid structure, inflexible beyond if/then design

h. Steep learning curve

i. Needs strongly skilled GM

j. Expensive

k. Competitive rather than cooperative

l. Not social


15 - Brain Recovery

The recovery, rerouting, and growth of the brain’s functioning is ___________________.


16 - Assessment LRI

The assessment tool LRI, part of the of intake bundle for most of our entertainment, education, and therapeutic programs, is an abbreviation for: L________________ R___________________ I_______________


17 - LRI Reliability & Validity

The LRI scored 0.______ to 0._______ on Reliability and 0._____ to 0.____ on Validity.


18 - Interaction Patterns

The eight Avedon Interaction Patterns, as presented in class, and the applicable RPG Formats, in order are:

  1. Action taking place within the mind of a person or action involving the mind and a part of the body, but requiring no contact with another person or external object (Avedon, 1974, p. 164): ___________________  Applicable RPG Format(s): __________
  2. Action directed by a person toward an object on the environment, requiring no contact with another person (Avedon, 1974, p. 164): _____________________________. Applicable RPG Format(s): __________
  3. Action directed by a person toward an object in the environment while in the company of other persons who are also directing action toward objects in the environment. Action is not directed toward one another, and no interactino between participants is required or necessary (Avedon, 1974, p. 165): _____________________. Applicable RPG Format(s): __________
  4. Action of a a competitive nature directed by one person toward another (Avedon, 1974, p. 166): _________________________________. Applicable RPG Format(s): __________.
  5. Action of a copmetitive nature among three or more persons, one of whom is an antagonist, or "it" (Avedon, 1974, p. 167): _______________________________. Applicable RPG Format(s): __________.
  6. Action of a competitive nature among three or more persons, with no one person as an antagonist (Avedon, 1974, p.  168): _____________________________________. Applicable RPG Format(s): __________.
  7. Action of a cooperative nature by two or more persons intent upon reaching a mutual goal. Action requires positive verbal and nonverbal interaction (Avedon, 1974, p. 169): __________________________________ Applicable RPG Format(s): __________.
  8. Action of a copmetitive nature between two or more intragroups (Avedon, 1974, p. 170): __________________________. Applicable RPG Format(s): __________.


19 - Conflated Stories

People often conflate the 1982 made for TV movie “___________” which included the actor ___________, combined with the events from the _______ _____________ ____ missing persons case, as an event where a role-playing gamer “lost it” in the steam tunnels because he became obsessive about D&D, and either killed himself or others. In reality, the ____________ case was investigated by the private detective __________ ___________, and he published a book about the case titled “The _______________”, which the media used as an example of the dangers of RPG. Once ___________ turned up some weeks after his disappearance, though the press didn’t follow up, it was proven that D&D had nothing to do with his disappearance, instead it turned out it was his abuse of _____. (5)


20 - Anti-RPG

____________, creator of the anti-RPG organization __________________________________, trained law ____________  personnel on how to watch out for the dangers, and the safe handling, of role-playing gaming “paraphernalia”. Her organization successfully convinced hundreds (or more) of schools, prisons, and others to ______ role-playing games. She also lobbied congress, the FTC, and others to put a warning label that RPGs “were hazardous and could cause ________”, though she failed to get those efforts enacted into law. B.A.D.D. ceased to exist when she died of lung cancer in 1997, but there are still many locations continuing their policies regarding RPGs, including many state and federal __________. (6)


21 - Meaninglessness

In a 1990 study by Derenard & Kline, research shows that only _____% of role-playing gamers scored high on meaninglessness, compared to ______% of non-gamers. (2)

Regarding empathy, repeated studies spanning 1993 through 2016, have found that tabletop role-playing gamers score much ______ than non-gamers, (Yee 1999, Rivers 2016) though play by email gamers were found to score much _______. (Douse 1993) (2)


22 - Hypothesis

The _____________ ____________ hypothesis as proposed by W.A. Hawkes-Robinson, posits that one of the reasons the public continues to have negative concepts about role-playing gamers, is because the most visible players at pick-up games (PUGs), hobby stores, and conventions, are those individuals that have been kicked out of other groups because their level of social functioning is far _____  than that of most role-playing gamers and the general public. He also posits that there is a self-selecting effect leading to a self-fulfilling _________ from all of the negative media and inculcated attitudes about RPGs and RPGers, that tends to drive away “regular” people, and attracts more people that have higher levels of social _____________. (4)


23 - Sales

According to the NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service; Games Market Dynamics: U.S. (including “video games”, “computer games” and “other delivery formats”), video game sales peaked at _______ billion US Dollars in 2010, and into early 2015 were continuing a trend of going ______. In 2014 sales were around _________ billion USD. In 2016 the market began going _____________. (4)


24 - Avedon Interaction Pattern and TRPG

For tabletop RPG, compared to the Avedon Intergroup interaction pattern of team vs. team, the Avedon Interaction pattern that applies best to TRPG, and is rarely available in other tabletop recreational activities, is the _____________ interaction pattern. (1)



25 - Player Classification

The classification method based on the test that helps generalize a player’s gaming style, such as Explorers, Achievers, Socializers, and Killers, originally used for video games but applicable for RPGs, is the _______Taxonomy of Players. (1)


26 - Even More Video Game Consequences

A 2014 study by Gosden found that _____ hours per day of video game screen time lead to ______ kids. Furthermore the 2015 Kalman study found this also increased pre-frontal ______ ______ matter, improved _______ and _________ abilities. (6)


27 - RT / TR

An important concept in Recreation Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation, often experienced as “being in the zone” by athletes and often experienced in well-run RPG sessions, is the state of _____ as defined by Hungarian ___________ Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi's (Mee-high CHEEK-sent-me-hi-ee), which is found to be a transcendent experience consistent across all demographics, age, gender, culture, etc. A video clip shown during class was an excellent example with ___________ as one common component of this state. (2)


28 - Stuart Brown

Essay: Summarize the key concepts covered in the class regarding Stuart Brown, M.D. and his book "______________ - How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul".


29 - Differences in Therapies

Essay: Explain the differences between Play Therapy, Recreation Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Drama Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and RPG Therapy.


30 - Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Essay: What are the key considerations for facilitating a tabletop role-playing game for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing?


31 - Suicidal Schizoid & D&D

T/F: An example case study involving the use of D&D to treat a suicidal schizoid adult, aggravated his anger issues toward his father, and interfered with his ability to develop skills of awareness and introspection being generalized into his everyday life.




























































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