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About Opportunities with RPG Therapeutics LLC

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 19, 2017 03:15 PM, last modified Jul 08, 2017 07:35 PM
It is extremely challenging trying to find the right talented people, with the passion for, and sufficient experience with role-playing games (RPGs), Therapeutic Recreation, Music Therapy, and the other critical skill sets, personalities, and gaming style we require. So we are open to any candidates that fit the bill, and then working out solutions to have that talent become part of our Team Network.

Are you a professional role-playing gamer? Are you trying to become an RPG Professional?

RPG Therapeutics began in 2004 with pure research through the The RPG Resarch Project - RPG Therapeutics LLC was created initially as a completely volunteer run not-for-profit (but not a 501(c)3)) providing free charity services and training. We are planning to continue our many charity services, but also expanding our business model to allow for more for-profit business options in 2018. Our HQ is in Spokane, Washington, but we also offer some remote opportunities, and we are growing a "fleet" of mobile facilities to provide coverage across the country.

Note that, we have a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg challenge, since there are so few candidates likely to have the required skill sets, let alone the certifications, and the training curve is steep and lengthy. We have extremely high standards, that are not easy for people to meet, and require a high level of dedication, time commitment, and inherent abilities, to be considered.

If you are unable to afford our professional training courses, or just can't get into one because of the schedule backlog, you can either purchase our training services or get volunteer-peer training and experience through the RPG Research Project. No matter how much RPG experience you have, you are not likely to be able to pass the certification tests (few can) because of the additional liability, medical, educational, and other important considerations that are core parts of the exams (in addition to the rules knowledge). Rule knowledge is NOT sufficient to pass the certifications, we establish a higher quality of service by drawing upon multiple disciplines related to running recreational activities, group psychological dynamics, cognitive-behavioral, and sociological considerations.

You will probably want to check in with the volunteers at The RPG Research Project, where you can receive peer-training and real-world applied experience helping with their many projects and clients.

Once you have enough of the experience and training, as specified in the certification details, you can schedule to sit for the test. You must pass with a 90% or higher to receive your certification.

We use an extensive array of assessment tools to establish base lines, and track progression of clients. If your skill set is reasonably close to the minimum requirements, and you start training and volunteering this summer at the RPG Research Project, you should be able to acquire your certification(s) and become billable sometime next year. 

We have a considerable backlog of clients waiting for us to acquire the staff needed. They are waiting patiently but not forever, as we try to find and train enough qualified people to meet the overwhelming demand. We have a very high professional bar established, and it is being continuously further refined, with extensive documentation, use of assessment tools, drawing upon established professional standards from other professions such as Therapeutic Recreation, Recreational Therapy, etc. This high professional standard requires prospective candidates to receive extensive training to ensure consistency in services delivery and compliance with optimal standards and liability considerations.

Since we usually work with many protected populations, all staff that will work with any clients, must pass a background check typical of healthcare and education workers.

Though our HQ and primary training facilities are based in Spokane, WA, we travel quite a bit providing advocacy, charity, healthcare, education, training for professionals, and other professional services all over the greater Northwest region, and even globally through some remote/Internet services. We hope to eventually provide regular in-person services throughout North America, maybe even globally (if possible), through a network of trained and certified professionals, mobile facilities fleet, and then some remote/Internet-based service offerings as a fall-back.

If you believe that you, or someone you know, meets the qualifications of the positions here: then please send your resume including both your non-RPG professional experience, and your RPG experience, with a cover letter illustrating your understanding of what we are doing as a company, and how your think you would be a good fit for the team.

Please only serious applications meeting the above criteria and the requirements of the position for which you are applying.
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