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Ramp Extension Donation Received for Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 23, 2017 04:55 PM, last modified Jun 23, 2017 04:55 PM
The Wheelchair Friendly now has the ramp extensions to accommodate electric wheelchairs and scooters. And actually this version also includes handrails for those that can walk but need some extra support.

A Veteran kindly donated this ramp after he moved to a home that no longer required it. Many thanks to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and this veteran (that prefers to remain anonymous) for this generous donation! This ramp would cost over $3,000 USD to purchase on otherwise!

The trailer is 26' long, the gaming area accommodates up to 7 players without wheelchairs, and up to 3 with wheelchairs (plus 1-2 not in wheelchairs). The ideal version we want to build will accommodate up to 6 wheelchairs, without the patio extension. The patio extension was previously used as the ingress/egress ramp (but was too steep for some electric wheelchairs and scooters) adds an additional 7' x 8' of usable space. The aluminum wheelchair ramp in the picture is 10' attached to the trailer, but the donation included 26' of total ramp length.

Here is the ramp at the house before being disassembled to put into the RPG Trailer.

It consists of two 10 foot segments and one 6 foot segment, plus stabilizer posts, handrails, and 2 edge flaps, allowing for many different configurations as needed for events and client needs:


And here is one configuration option (of many) with just one segment attached:


This is another critical piece towards realizing the vision of the ideal wheelchair friendly mobile facility. To help complete realization of the ideal trailer, donate now:

More information about the trailer, and why it is necessary, can be found here:




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