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RPGAd - Role-Playing Gaming Advocate (4 hours)

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 13, 2016 08:50 PM, last modified Dec 18, 2016 06:57 PM
This 4 hour program provides detailed background information for anyone wishing to have a stronger understanding on the history and effects of role-playing games from the role of an advocate for RPG. Open to laypersons and professionals wishing to have a stronger checklist to respond to situations with either curious or detracting individuals or groups.

Course ID: RPG-ADV-1-100-01

Focus: Layperson.

Total Training Hours: 4 Hours

RPG Formats Included: All 4 Formats (TRPG, LARP, CRPG, SRPG)

Total Rate (local): $300 (can be divided among number of participants, paid in advance)

Rate (teleconference): $300 (can be divided among number of participants, paid in advance)

Rate (on-site distant): Negotiable / RPG Trailer

Number of Trainees: No limit.

Prerequisite Training: None

Post-training test: Yes (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching, and advocacy plan essay) require 90%+ score to receive certificate. Also recommended to meet the requirements for joining the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Gaming -

Training Certification Received: RPGAd-1 (Role-Playing Gaming Advocate Level 1). Certificate is valid for 5 years, or can be renewed with CEUs.

Details: This program is available to laypersons and established care professionals.

This program includes:

  • Detailed history and background of Role-Playing Gaming (1 hour).
  • Research indicating the effects, pros, and cons, of all 4 RPG formats (2 hours).
  • Building upon the above information, interactive role-playing practice to interact with "typical" people either curious or biased about RPGs, in various settings, from various backgrounds, working on addressing the most commonly debated topics that occur (1 hour).


Training includes very brief introductory examples illustrating all 4 RPG formats: 

  • Tabletop (TRPG)
  • Live-action (LARP)
  • Solo and group computer-based (CRPG)
  • Solo adventure books and modules (SRPG).