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Here is some information on the development of our training and certification programs that first began development in 1985...


This page provides a lengthy list of speaking, training, & certification services, each with a brief summary of the various programs currently available.

To contact us about speaking, training, and/or certification, please see this Contact Us page.

The speaking, training, and certification programs developed in response to increasing numbers of  laypersons, professionals, and organization requesting formal training to integrate Role-Playing Games (RPGs) into their environment, aiding them in the transition process toward autonomy in developing and implementing their own RPG-based program plans. Rather than take decades to self-train, you can receive training to optimize and expedite your experience and the experiences of your clients, students, and/or RPG players in general.

Whether you just wish to learn about RPGs in general, in the hopes of playing or running your own games, or you wish to use RPGs to help with instruction or therapeutic goals, these programs can help speed up the process from concept to implementation based on the decades or prior experience from the instructor(s).

We can provide on-site speaking and training using your facilities, or for locations lacking facilities, we can come to your location with our mobile facility, the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer.

For courses availability and scheduling, see the scheduling section of this page: http://rpgtherapeutics.com/rpg-training-certification

General Speaking & Consultation Rates

For general speaking engagements at facilities and events the following rates are offered as a general guideline. Please contact us for specific terms.

For free services, please see the Free Services page.

For public speaking at events and various locations, please see the Public Speaking page.

For program provisioning or development, please see the RPG Therapeutics Programs page.

For general consulting, please see the General Consulting page.

RPG Introduction Training Series

  • Overview Presentation - A very densely packed semi-interactive presentation on the history and effects of all 4 RPG formats (2 hours).
  • SRPG-1 - Introduction to Solo RPG (2 hours).
  • CRPG-1 - Introduction to Computer-based RPG (3 hours).
  • LARP-1 - Introduction to Live-action Role-playing (3 hours).
  • TRPG-1 - Introduction to Tabletop Role-Playing Gaming (3 hours).
  • RPGAd-1 - Role-Playing Gaming Advocate (4 hours)


RPGF - Role-Playing Game Facilitator Training Series

  • RPGF-0 - Introduction to RPG for Professionals (4 hours)
  • RPGF-1 - Beginner (8 hours)
  • RPGF-2 - Intermediate (12 hours)
  • RPGF-3 - Advanced (20 hours)
  • RPGF-T - Master/Trainer (pending) (500+ hours related experience)


GME - Game Master in Education Training Series

  • GME-1 - Beginner (8 hours)
  • GME-2 - Intermediate (15 hours)
  • GME-3 - Advanced (pending)
  • GME-T - Master/Trainer (pending) (500+ hours related experience)


GMT - Game Master in Therapy Training Series

  • GMT-1 - Beginner (8 hours)
  • GMT-2 - Intermediate (26 hours)
  • GMT-3 - Advanced (40 hours)
  • GMT-T - Master/Trainer (pending) (500+ hours related experience)


[+mod-x] Specific Population Training add-on “modules” Training Series

These supplementary modules drill down into specific programs for specific client populations and their related goals.

Participants are generally required to already be established professionals with certification, degree, or licensing in a relevant healthcare or educational field.

Additionally, each module has prerequisite training and certification from one or more of the above programs.

  • +mod-asd-1 - TRPG for ASD / PDD / ADHD spectrum youth and adult clients.
  • +mod-asd-2 -  LARP for ASD / PDD / ADHD spectrum toddlers, youth, and adult clients to achieve therapeutic and “life skills” goals.
  • +mod-asd-3 - LARP & TRPG for ADHD, at-risk, troubled, and substance recovery programs for youth and young adults, to achieve therapeutic and life skill goals of clients.
  • +mod-tbi-1 - Complete Program for Brain Injury Recovery using SRPG, CRPG, TRPG, & LARP.
  • +mod-deaf-1 - TRPG & LARP for Deaf & Hard of Hearing.
  • +mod-ptsd-1 - RPGs for PTSD.
  • +mod-phys-1 - RPGs for participants with physical disabilities.
  • +mod-ddi-1 - RPGs for participants with development delays/impairments (non-TBI).
  • +mod-sp-1 - RPG program plans for people with social phobias.
  • +mod-bion-1 - RPG with bio and neuro feedback.


 Example, RPGF-3 (TRPG), GMT-2 (TRPG) +mod-asd-2

























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