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GME-2 - Game Master in Education – Level 2 – Intermediate (15 hours)

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 13, 2016 08:50 PM, last modified Dec 18, 2016 03:08 PM
This 15 hour program provides level 2 certification as a Game Master for Education settings.

Course ID(s): TRPG-GME-2-2xx-xx, LARP-GME-2-2xx-xx, CRPG-GME-2-2xx-xx, SRPG-GME-2-2xx-xx

Focus: Education.

Total Training Hours: 15 Hours

RPG Formats Included: 1 of 4 (TRPG, LARP, CRPG, SRPG)

Total Rate (local): $900

Rate (teleconference): $450 (max 8 trainees) *

Rate (on-site distant): Negotiable / RPG Trailer

Number of Trainees: 1 to 4 trainees per session.

Prerequisites: GME-1 in related RPG format, and 100+ hours related RPG experience.

Post-training test: Yes (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching, short essay, long essay).  Require 90%+ test score to receive certificate.

Training Certification Received: GME-2 in specific format.

Details: This program is available only to established professionals.

This program includes:

  • Background refresher and RPG advocacy (1 hour).
  • Hands-on interactive guidance preparing and running a group of 1 or more players through one provided "standard" adventure scenarios (4 hours).
  • Processing about GME candidates performance (1 hour).
  • Additional considerations for providing RPG sessions in the related format in an educational setting (1 hour)
  • Create a specific short adventure to teach topics in a specific educational discipline for a specific student type (3 hours).
  • Test-run short adventure (3 hours).
  • Critique and feedback on adventure, and revision process (2 hours).


Training includes introductory interactive participation in one of 4 RPG formats: 

  • Tabletop (TRPG)
  • Live-action (LARP)
  • Solo and group computer-based (CRPG)
  • Solo adventure books and modules (SRPG).


Note: Training can be delivered either as two day-long (8 hour) sessions, or 3 half-day (5 hour) sessions. All training must take place within a contiguous 1 week period. 

* Teleconference training is not available for LARP or TRPG certification at this level. Listed teleconference rate is for training certification in CRPG or SRPG.