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RPG-ED-1-100-01 - Introductory RPG Training for Educators (4 hours)

by Hawke Robinson published Jun 13, 2016 08:35 PM, last modified Dec 18, 2016 02:48 PM
This 4 hour certification program is not suitable for "laypersons", it is designed specifically for educators that already have a certification, degree, and/or license in a relevant education industry. This program provides some interactive hands-on training in all 4 RPG formats to help them consider implementation of RPGs into their existing education plans.

Course ID: RPG-ED-1-100-01

Focus: Education.

Total Training Hours: 4+ hours (depends on number of attendees)

Number of Trainees: 1 to 4+ trainees per session.

Formats: All 4 (TRPG, LARP, CRPG, SRPG)

Total Rate (local): $360+

Rate (teleconference): $180 (max 8 trainees)

Rate (on-site distant): Negotiable / RPG Trailer

Prerequisites: Professional certification, degree, or license.

Post-training test: Yes (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching).  Require 90%+ test score to receive certificate.

Training Certification Received: RPGF-0



This course is not for “laymen”. Participants must already have a degree, certification, or license in a relevant educational field.

This program includes the Overview Presentation (2 hours), plus 2+ hours of interactive participation in all 4 RPG formats. The first hour is spent as “players”, the second hour is spent on issues as the “GM” and running RPGs to educational goals.

Includes specific example program plans.

Training includes introductory interactive participation in all 4 RPG formats: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LARP), solo and group computer-based (CRPG), and solo adventure books and modules (SRPG).

Program includes high-level considerations for students as players, and players that have special-needs considerations.

Program Outline

  • Hours 1-2 see Overview Presentation Outline.

  • Hour 3: 20 minutes interactive TRPG as a player, 20 minutes in LARP, 10 minutes overview of CRPG considerations, 10 minutes use of solo adventure books and solo RPG


Notes: Base 4 hours for up to 4 people. Add 30 minutes per additional 5 trainees, maximum 20 trainees).