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ID 20161229-143901 (John Welker)

by Hawke Robinson published Dec 29, 2016 03:05 PM, last modified Dec 31, 2016 02:42 AM
John Welker. RPG Therapeutics LLC Identification Number. All certificates associated with this ID can be found on this page.

Certification ID 20161229-143901

Name: John Welker

Contact Information: saga.tale.spiner at gmail dot com

List of Certificates: *

  • 20161229-143901-RPG-ADV-1, Role-playing Gaming Advocate, Level 1. Certified December 19th, 2016. Score: (pending). 
  • SRPG-1, Solo Role-Playing Gamer, Level 1, Pending.
  • LARP-1, Live-Action Role-Playing Gamer, Level 1, Pending
  • CRPG-1, Computer-based Role-Playing Gamer, Level 1, Pending
  • TRPG-1, Tabletop Role-Playing Gamer, Level 1, Pending
  • TRPG-2, Tabletop Role-Playing Gamer, Level 2, Pending
  • TRPG-3, Tabletop Role-Playing Gamer, Level 3, Pending
  • TRPG-CI, Tabletop Role-Playing Game Players Certified Instructor, Pending
  • TRPG-GM-1, Tabletop Role-Playing Game - Game Master, Level 1, Pending
  • TRPG-GM-2, Tabletop Role-Playing Game - Game Master, Level 2, Pending
  • TRPG-GM-3, Tabletop Role-Playing Game - Game Master, Level 3,  Pending
  • TRPG-GM-CI, TRPG-CI, Tabletop Role-Playing Game -Game Masters - Certified Instructor, Pending



* Lists date of certification and percent score. Includes pending certification status for any currently enrolled courses. All tests require a minimum score of 90% to receive certification. Certificates are valid for 5 years from electronic posting (listed date). Can be renewed with sufficient Continuing Education Units (CEUs).



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